Qurban 2021

“There is no act by the sons of Adam on Eidul Adha that is more pleasing to Allah than by the outpouring of blood (the slaughter of the sacrificial animal). Verily the sacrificial animal will come on the day of judgement with its horn, hooves and skin and Allah will grant the blessings of the Qurban even before the blood of the animal reaches the ground. Therefore, make good your Qurban.” (Tirmizi, Ibnu Majah)

We Provide Different Types of Qurban

Live Qurban in Singapore

Come and Witness The Only Live Qurban in Singapore in 2021. Premium American Anglo Nubian Breed.

Price from $1400 to $2000 depending on size and other attributes.


Qurban in Australia

Get your Qurban Meat delivered to you from Australia.

Price: $330 per sheep or S$360 per lamb.


Qurban in Middle East / Asia

Your Qurban Eases Burdens and Brings Joy in Their Lives. Help those impacted by wars and the global pandemic.

Price: S$135 per goat in Asia or S$195 per goat in Middle East.


Qurban in Vietnam

Bring Joy to the poor in An Giang province in Vietnam.

Price: $170 for 1 Part Cow
or S$1155 for 1 Whole Cow. 


*Live Qurban

Witness the Only *Live Qurban in Singapore in 2021!

Prime American Anglo Nubian Breed

Born and Bred in Singapore

Weighs more than usual domestic goat, from 60kg to 115kg

Premium Quality Chevon Meat that is high in protein and low in fat.

You can select your own Qurban animal and feed them.

Approved by SFA for Aqiqah and Qurban purposes only in Singapore.

Qurban will be conducted at SFA approved site: Hay Dairies Goat Farm.

This Live Qurban is a collaborative project with Aaliyah's Pte Ltd and Adam's Corner, and supported by Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice, the official project partner 
for Qurbanees who wish to have their qurban meat prepared in Mandi Rice.

*Subject to Singapore's Covid-19 safety
 management procedures during Eidul Adha

Qurban in Australia

Perform Your Qurban Down Under and we will ship the meat to you.

Price is $330 per sheep or $360 per lamb.

The qurban slaughter will be done in MUIS recognised halal dedicated abattoir in Australia.

Qurban animal will be slaughtered, chilled, airfreight, cut and boxed and delivered to your doorstep..

Each Qurban animal will yield about 15kg-19kg of meat.

This is a collaborative project with Al-Qudsi Agri Group.

Qurban in Middle East & Asia

Perform Your Qurban in the Middle East and South Asia and help safe lives.

Many of our fellow Muslims are severely impacted by regional conflicts and the global pandemic. Help to brighten up their days in this coming Eidul-Adha.

Package A (Middle East) S$195 per goat: Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen, Syrian Refugees, Palestinian Refugees.

Package B (Asia) S$135 per goat: Somalia, India, Bangladesh, Sri Langka and Rohingya Refugees.

The qurban meat will be distributed to the poor and needy in the respective countries.

This is a collaborative project with Qurban Foundation, Australia.

Download the Qurban Report for Middle East and Asia for the Year 2020 below


Qurban in Vietnam

Your Qurban will feed the poor, orphans, aged, reverts amongst the almost forgotten Muslim community in An Giang province in Vietnam.

Your Qurban will de distributed among 12 mosques in the province: Masjid Aman, Masjid Nekmah, Masjid Azhar, Masjid Muhammadiyah, Masjid Mubarak, Masjid Ehsan, Masjid Sunnah, Masjid Rohmah, Masjid, Khairiyah, Masjid Mukarohmah, Masjid Muslimin and Masjid  Mukminin.

Price: S$170/BND170 for 1 part of cow or
S$1155/BND1155 for 1 Whole Cow

Who are these Muslims in the An Giang province?

An Overview of Cham Islam in An Giang Vietnam by Vo Van Thang, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tho, Nguyen Thi Dung (ASEAN/Asian Academic Society International Conference, 2019), describes Muslims there as follows: “Located in the upstream of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta, An Giang is characterized by an agricultural province, which has both plains and hills, and has a border about 100km with Cambodia. An Giang is also the province with the largest number of Cham Islam living in the South. According to official document, the province has 15,327 Cham Islam, accounting for 0.67% of An Giang population. Although the population is less than the other ethnics of the province, the Cham community in An Giang always shows the spirit of solidarity and mutual affection. Cham Islam plays an important role and contribute to unique culture in An Giang.”

 It saddens the heart when the Chairman of a leading NGO there, the Islamic Community of An Giang Province, shares that it has been very difficult to carry out the Qurban ritual in the province every year as mostly the community there could not afford the cows or goats, and that “not many brothers and sisters around the world know about Muslims in Vietnam.” The Chairman, Haji Raccaria Gia, further shares that the majority of Muslims in the province “live by catching fish, feeding animals and small business.” Among them are the following beneficiaries of the Qurban Project:

1. Poor or needy families
2. Orphans
3. The aged and lonely
4. Muslim Reverts (or Converts)

Working closely with the Islamic Community of An Giang province, the project hopes to be able to perform Qurban on 24 cows at the 12 Mosques. With an expected yield of about 1440kg, 1440 families have been identified as beneficiaries of the Qurban meat. If you are still thinking as to which Qurban Project to support in 2021, this one to be performed for the almost forgotten Muslims in South East Asia could be the way forward. You may wish to do Qurban for a whole cow, enlisting 7 names to it, or secure one or more parts to be combined with others to form 1 whole cow for Qurban.

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